Buying A Vacation Home On Hilton Head Island

Dated: February 14 2019

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Do you love Hilton Head Island?  Ever thought to yourself how great it would be to own a vacation home on the island?  There are ways to own real estate on Hilton Head that pays for itself and you still get to use it for your vacations.  How about that?  Your own vacation home on Hilton Head Island!  Of course, you have to come up with the down payment which can be 10% or less at times.   Over time you will recoup your downpayment and start putting some money in your pocket while your property is still paying for itself.  There are many options and tax benefits to owning an investment property, reducing your tax burden by writing off expenses are one of them.  You can also depreciate your investment over 27.5 years. I'm not a CPA or financial planner and they will know your finances better than anyone but I know for sure that owning a vacation rental is a great way to diversify your portfolio and plan for your future.  If you aren't concerned with write-offs as much, your CPA and financial planner may recommend paying the property off sooner by putting the extra income after expenses each year towards the principal  mortgage balance which will save interest and allow you to pay the mortgage off sooner which in turn will allow you to use the rental income for other investment opportunities or retirement income.  There are several smart investments out there and owning a vacation rental property is certainly one of the best and most enjoyable.  Call me today to discuss your options and  get answers to all your questions.  I specialize in vacation home sales and would love to help you find the perfect vacation/investment property. 

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Sean Henzler

Sean Henzler is a 2nd generation, Island Native with a true love for the Lowcountry. In 2007 he became a property manager for a vacation rental company, acquiring a wealth of real estate knowledge an....

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  • Posted by Byron Wilson
    Very helpful article! I wish I had read something similar about two years ago, but it is still useful.

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