Home Sweet Home

Dated: January 10 2017

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I can assume growing up on Hilton Head is a little different than growing up anywhere else in America.   I've seen a lot in my 31 years here on this beautiful island, one of them being the white Christmas of 89' which we probably won't ever see again.  I can only wish to wake up to another winter wonderland.   I've called this island home my entire life and over the years it still brings me happiness to sit back and enjoy a beautiful sun setting over the marsh or to see a family of vacationers memories of their own.  Everyone deserves to experience Hilton Head and the beauty it holds.  This is an island of dreams and I'm so blessed to have been able to grow up here.  Looking for the best places to enjoy your vacation on Hilton Head?  I'd be happy to help make your vacation amazing. 

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Sean Henzler

Sean Henzler is a 2nd generation, Island Native with a true love for the Lowcountry. In 2007 he became a property manager for a vacation rental company, acquiring a wealth of real estate knowledge an....

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