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Easy ways to update Your Hilton Head and Bluffton Homes

Tired of your home looking out of touch? Or are you investing in an older home and want to update it? You don't need to spend a fortune to do either. In fact, upgrading your home can be very affordable with simple projects.

Here are four ways to make a big impact without breaking the bank:

Repaint. Paint trends change. Refresh the look of your home with a modern color. If your walls are the same color as when you purchased the home, they are most likely out of date.  The paint tones you choose can significantly enhance both the inside and outside aesthetics.

New light fixtures. It's time to kick out-of-style light fixtures to the curb. Pendant lighting, Led, Edison bulbs and simple recessed lighting are what's hot with today's designers and buyers.

Upgrade your hardware. You'd be surprised at how easily doorknobs, drawer pulls, locks and handles can start to look aged. Take a good look at your existing hardware, and consider upgrading to newer models. And don't forget the hinges.

Install a kickplate. If you want to upgrade your curb appeal but can't afford a new door, repaint your door and consider installing a kickplate. It's an instant, affordable way to add visual appeal to any existing entryway.  

These upgrades may seem minor, but when done properly, they can have a serious impact on your home's aesthetics.

If you're considering more extensive updates, let's get together to discuss ways to increase your home's marketability and long-term value.

If you're considering selling your home in the Hilton Head Market, remember, buyers today love "move in ready" conditions. 

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Sebastian Is a 5th generation native Hilton Head Islander. His great-grandmother Adrianna Holmes-Ford was a midwife and a healer before the island had a bridge in the 1930s. Sebastian and his parents....

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