Renting Is More Expensive Than Owning

Dated: December 6 2018

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The cost of renting has been skyrocketing in the Hilton Head and Bluffton area as I'm sure it has all over America.  Have you found yourself wondering if you could own a home for less money that you're paying in rent?   You're right to wonder and the answer is YES!  Take, for example, a 3 bedroom house on Hilton Head, in a typical off-plantation neighborhood, the rent would average $2000 per month. This same house would cost around $275k to purchase on your own.  If you have money saved and can afford the 20% down which allows you to waive the cost of PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance), you're doing well and your mortgage would be around $180 less per month,  if you don't have the 20% down which is the situation with most first time home buyers, you have the option of a loan product provided by Fannie Mae which is an FHA Loan allowing you to put 3.5% down, you would have a PMI payment of around $180 to pay until you reach 20% equity but even then when you escrow your PMI payment, taxes, and homeowner's insurance into the payment, you will still only be at a monthly payment of around $1920 per month.  That's less than you would be paying in rent and you would be a HOMEOWNER!  Wouldn't it feel good to own a home? Wouldn't it be great to be building equity in your own home vs paying your landlord's mortgage and building equity for them?  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to update your home with your chosen paint colors and landscape your yard knowing that you aren't going to be forced to move when your lease expires?  Home ownership is the greatest feeling in the world and you can do it!   Call me today to discuss all your options. 

PS: Thinking of purchasing in Bluffton?  I've got even better news!  Bluffton is still considered a "rural area" which means Fannie Mae has a product called a "USDA Loan" which allows for a 0% down payment!  Yes, you read that right, I said ZERO DOWN!   

I want to help you buy a home vs pay your landlord's mortgage! Call me today to learn more! 

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Sean Henzler is a 2nd generation, Island Native with a true love for the Lowcountry. In 2007 he became a property manager for a vacation rental company, acquiring a wealth of real estate knowledge an....

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